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Deepanshi Sethi

Lead Data Scientist @ Games 24x7

From Complexity to Simplicity: TrueFoundry's Platform redefines Model Deployment

TrueFoundry offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface. that simplifies the model deployment process, effectively handling server setups, model rollout strategies, and infrastructure concerns.

The platform enhances efficiency, optimizes costs, and provides excellent support, making it a valuable tool for deploying complex ML models and addressing DevOps challenges.

Lenin Gali

Chief Digital and Business Officer @ Atomicwork

Supporting Open Source and Reaching Enterprise Milestones

Great initiative, very impactful in supporitng the open source community. Congratulations team on reaching this milestone and making inroads with enterprises at the same time.

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Pascal Biese

Founding Engineer @ moatless

Modular. Scalable. Extendable.

Cognita is an open-source framework that builds on LangChain and LlamaIndex, offering a modular, production-ready environment for LLM applications. Its API-driven modules, no-code UI, and support for incremental indexing make it easy to use and adaptable for real-world data flows.

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Peter Bordes

CEO @ Collective Audience

Leaders of ML Infrastructure

TrueFoundry is leading the next generation of infrastructure for the new AI world that every enterprise will be a part of… Every company by 2030 will be ML powered.

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Senior Engineering Manager @ Fortune 5 Company

Amazing work. Huge fans of TrueFoundry!


Product Manager @ Fortune 20 Company

They are a solid rock in our team's success

The team displayed fabulous partnership between product and engineering. Even early on in the engagement, they used their knowledge and participation to help guide the direction of the project. They have been a solid rock in our success.


Lead MLE @ Top RPA Company

Helped kick infrastructure piece out of the picture

It helped us kick the infrastructure piece out of the way and focus just on the result

Vaibhaw Chandel

Staff MLE @ Procore Technologies

Building this is tough but maintaining such a thing ourselves would be much much harder

I think you have built a great product. And if a company has half as product, internal level product, it can very easily replace and save a ton of time, especially maintaining such a thing. Building is not hard. Maintaining is extremely hard.


VP of Technology @ US Listed FinTech Company

What Kubernetes did for Software Infra, you are levelling up same infra automation for LLMs

I think the biggest benefit I see is, you know, the biggest benefit I see is that completely integrated approach that it's like this brings how for example, kubernetes brought infrastructure harmonization and made the developers not worry about infrastructure. I think I see you are up leveling that to the LLMs and the rags where the ML developers don't need to worry about what models and they can mix and match. The time to value is greatly increased. I think you are bringing that concept. I see that. That's very good actually. And I think the benefit is that you are also integrating deep dive into the machine level.


Global Head of Data Science @ Fortune 50 Healthcare Company

We are Leaders in LLM use in our industry using TrueFoundry

Today, we can proudly say that we are one of the leaders in our space in LLM Usage. The TrueFoundry platform has significantly expedited the delivery time of our ML teams.  Their team has always been prompt in supporting any new model or feature we need. Our team today thinks of them as a “product team as a service” to offload any engineering & Infra requirements.


Director of Engineering @ Fortune 20 Compny

Most excited to work on any project that is with TrueFoundry Team

I just wanted to say thanks for being so awesome to work with, honestly and like this. I'm spread across a number of projects and I am always excited when I get to work on this one because you all have just been amazing to work with and it's so far been a great product. So just shout out and thanks for that.


Community Feedback

The Perfect Playground for Testing LLMs and Prompts

We were looking for a solution that would help our team test out the LLMs & prompts for repeatability and identifying edge cases.The UI looks interesting, like a playground on top of the RAG framework, allowing the team to test out various prompts / configurations to handle edge cases, without requiring a lot of tech bandwidth!

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Vikas Reddy

Principal Engineer @ Ignition

Helps with automating ML/LLM Workflows

I love TrueFoundry's easy-to-use dashboard and quick setup, with excellent support and clear documentation. Deploying open-source LLMs and setting up RAGs was smooth, saving our dev and DevOps teams significant time and helping us find cost-effective configurations.


Engineering Manager @ Listed Japanese Company

You guys knew what you deliver and stuck to it

Every time we worked with a vendor they have overpromised and underdelivered. TrueFoundry stuck to what they suggested was the best for us and stuck to it all the way

Anand Das

Co-Founder and CTO @ Bito

Excellent team and great solution

What I like best about TrueFoundry is its fantastic team, who are always available to support my LLM needs. They helped me choose suitable models and set up the platform based on my specific requirements. I can't think of anything I dislike about TrueFoundry's solution. We are using TrueFoundry's embedding solution for our RAG modules. We needed a fast embedding solution that could handle multiple chunks of data simultaneously to reduce network overhead and speed up the embedding process. TrueFoundry provided an excellent solution for this, managing all the complexities so we can focus on our business solutions.

Dr. Amiya Patnaik

Co-Founder and Director @ Neurobit

Transforming Model Deployment and Cutting Costs for Neurobit

Partnering with TrueFoundry has been transformative for our development team, enabling us to independently deploy models on Kubernetes and significantly increasing our operational speed. Their exceptional support and expertise have improved our broader architectural framework, reduced model inference times by 50%, and decreased infrastructure costs by 60%, leading to enhanced customer experience and substantial financial savings.

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Ashish Papanai

Associate ML Scientist @ Wadhwani AI

ML Experiments and Deployments made easy

Appreciate TrueFoundry's prompt response to queries, excellent feature updates, and intuitive, user-friendly dashboard. Their outstanding customer support and unique SSH feature make development easy and cost-effective, perfectly fulfilling all our use cases.


Verified User in Computer Software

Deploy models easily on any cloud machine with inbuilt autoscaling

TrueFoundry's autoscaling and cloud-agnostic features, combined with its easy integration into existing code, make it stand out. Unlike AWS Sagemaker or Metaflow, TrueFoundry simplifies ML model deployment, offering seamless updates and excellent customer support.


Community Feedback

Efficient ML Deployment and Cost-Effective for Startups

Love TrueFoundry! We use it for Infra provisioning on our own cloud and deploying the ML Models behind a choice of a specific model server. Pricing model is also good for early start-ups :)

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Head of Engineering
@ Online Drug Marketplace

TrueFoundry: Essential for Cost-Effective, Impactful ML Success

We highly recommend TrueFoundry to all organizations looking to create an impact and achieve success in the ML/DS arena. Without leveraging the TrueFoundry platform, we would not have been able to save time and costs while making a significant customer impact in such a short amount of time.

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