About Us

90% of ML Models don’t end up in Production! For the ones that do, it takes most companies anywhere from 2-3 months. Compare this to 15 minutes it takes teams in FaceBook to deploy a model. Half of these models deployed by most companies break because of scaling issues. A good % of the remaining is discarded due to issues that can’t be detected because of absence of right monitoring and Observability Systems!
At TrueFoundry, we want to automate the parts in the ML pipeline that can be automated and empower Data Scientists and ML Engineers to be able to test models in production and iterate fast with as few dependencies on other teams as possible. We draw our motivation from products created by Platform teams in top tech companies like Facebook, Google, Netflix etc that allow all teams to move much faster and deploy and iterate on their own!
Our Workflow stores provide a structure to Data Scientist's code, makes it production ready and deploys model APIs with auto scaling enabled, monitoring and observability dashboards, business user facing demos - automatically.
Basically, you can go from Model to Live in 15 minutes with the best Practices!

Our Vision

Imagine a flow where after writing the code — you can call a genie and tell about your requirements like kind of service (Serverless, CronJob, Database, an API service), resource requirements like CPU, memory, etc and the genie creates the service with the best practices like Gitops, Infrastructure as Code (IAC) and then shows a dashboard with all the metrics created.

Team Meet the Founding Team

Nikunj Bajaj

Co-FounderRecent — Lead ML Engineer @ FaceBook

Abhishek Choudhary

Co-FounderRecent — Senior Staff Software Engineer @FaceBook

Anuraag Gutgutia

Co-FounderRecent — CEOOffice and VP Portfolio Management, WorldQuant

Support Backed & Supported By

Naval Ravikant

Co-founder AngelList, Investor in Uber/Twitter etc

Anthony GoldBloom

Founder at Kaggle.com

Maneesh Sharma

Head of GitHub India

Dilip Khandelwal

CEO Deutsche India, Global CIO Deutsche Bank