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Production-ready RAG Framework for Building Scalable Applications

Cognita is a versatile open-source RAG framework designed to enable Data Science, Machine Learning and Platform Engineering leaders to quickly build and deploy scalable RAG applications. It features a fully modular, user-friendly, and adaptable architecture, ensuring complete security and compliance.

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Fully modular
Production Ready

Simple yet powerful RAG framework

Fully modular

Fully API driven - which allows integration with other systems

Production Ready

Manage concurrent traffic and auto-scale during traffic spikes


A central reusable repository of parsers, loaders, embedders and retrievers

Diverse integrations and connections


Work with different kinds of data, like regular text files, PDFs, and even Markdown files

Data Loaders

load the data from different sources like local directories, S3 buckets, databases, Truefoundry artifacts, etc


Support for various pre-trained models available to embed the data such as models from OpenAI, Cohere, etc


Support for SOTA reranker (as of April, 2024) from mixedbread-ai

Vector DBs

Support for various available vector databases in the market, like Qdrant, Singlestore, Chroma, Weaviate, etc

Query Controllers

Inference with best support for concurrent requests, autoscaling, etc


Deep dive into Cognita with our Founders

  • Real-life challenges in putting RAG into production
  • RAG use cases and impact we are seeing with enterprises
  • How can you build RAG with less fuss and more impact
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