TrueFoundry Company Retreat 2022!

January 12, 2023
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We started TrueFoundy almost one year ago and all our employees, comprising 15 diverse individuals from technical and business backgrounds, were operating in full remote mode distributed across India, San Francisco, and Paris. It was a no-brainer to do a company-wide retreat and we decided to do it at the Startup capital of India, Bengaluru for 7 days (beat that 😎)

While 'disconnecting from work and having fun' is always the first rule of any retreat, we also clubbed it with working together to reflect on the past and ideate and align on the future. Here are some of the highlights:

We stayed together - tons of fun doing things together

We booked a beautiful Airbnb at the heart of the city for all of us to bond and get to know each other better both on and off the job. We played endless board games, and sometimes we even cooked together🤩

Truefoundry, culture at TrueFoundry, LLMs, fun at Truefoundry, leading startup
It's fun and learnings @ TrueFoundry

We Worked together - reflected on the past and ideated for future 🙌

The outing was designed to bring the team together to align the company values and goals and build a stronger sense of cohesion. We have a great mix of individuals, experienced in working with companies like Facebook, Amazon, Postman, Gojek, and McKinsey, bringing unique insights into our objectives as a company. We took time to brainstorm plans for upcoming projects as well as configure methodologies that could be used to deliver quality services to our clients.

Truefoundry, culture at TrueFoundry, LLMs, fun at Truefoundry, leading startup
We hustle together @ Truefoundry
We learn and grow together @ TrueFoundry

We played together - cricket, paintball, badminton!!!

Some days were blocked for team activities 🏃🏽- This included playing cricket in teams of five, late-night badminton duels as well as enjoying a few rounds of paintball. Everyone had a chance to let their hair down and unwind from their office environment.

Truefoundry, culture at TrueFoundry, LLMs, fun at Truefoundry, leading startup
Fun @ TrueFoundry
Truefoundry, culture at TrueFoundry, LLMs, fun at Truefoundry, leading startup
We play together @ TrueFoundry

We partied together and sang around the bonfire 🎸

Food was one of the main agendas with a zero-compromise policy on taste😀. We enjoyed sumptuous meals and drinks from ‘must-have’ places around Bengaluru.

We kept one evening dedicated to an evening talent show around the bonfire. We presently discovered our team is super talented as well. Here is a beautiful poem written by our Co-founder, Anuraag:  

At TrueFoundry, we are dedicated to creating a positive and productive work environment where our team can thrive and deliver their best work.

We strongly believe in fostering a strong company culture and it is reflected in the way we work, play and grow together. We are proud of the diverse and talented team we have built, and we look forward to continuing to grow and learn together in the coming years.

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